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The network


establishes a pan-European understanding of
admissible hydrogen concentration in the natural gas grid.


Managed by DBI, this project aims to keep project members up to date on current developments in activities and understanding in the world of hydrogen and its use in natural gas systems. It is running continuously with output of quarterly newsletters and annual workshops and is open to new members at any time for an annual fee of 2.000 EUR. The network is considered a GERG project (GERG is the European Gas Research Group).

HIPS-net Newsletter


An important benefit for our partners is the quarterly HIPS-NET-Newsletter. This paper is approximately ten pages long and it reviews current projects, studies and conferences related to the core topics. Furthermore, information on the activities of the network is given, for example upcoming HIPS-NET workshops. Important upcoming events, workshops and conferences which are associated with hydrogen-topics are listed.

Core Topics

We gather and disseminate the latest available knowledge to improve the understanding of natural gas/ hydrogenblends in pipeline systems with emphasis on the core topics:

  • Gas turbines and engines
  • Porous underground gas storage
  • Steel CNG1 vehicle tanks
  • Natural gas as working medium/interconnection of different industries
  • Cross border transmission
  • Safety characteristics of H2 / natural gas blends
  • Energy metering
  • Standardisation, regulatory framework

We additionally keep a side focus on the general development of power-to-gas, hydrogen networks, and further topics around the utilisation of (renewable) hydrogen.


Our annual workshop is the soul of the network. It takes place in Brussels at the GERG-headquarters. The workshops are an excellent opportunity to meet network partners for information exchange and discussion on current areas of research and demonstration, agreeing on common topics of interest for the newsletter and potential research activities.

NEXT DATE: 13th-14th June 2018

Here you find the topics of the last workshop in 2017.

Topics 2017


In order to show how fast PtG-projects are advancing particularly in Europe, we gathered information to create a database of current (orange), planned (green) and expired (blue) Power-to-Gas projects worldwide (with the focus on Europe) and located the projects on a world map illustration.
HIPS-NET members can request the data table from us. The following information can be extracted from the list: Location, name of project, status, electrolysis power and type, pressure output, H2 output, power purchase and use paths.


HIPS-NET Hydrogen in Pipeline Systems - Network


Subject and Aim of HIPS-NET

HIPS-NET is a network of about 30 partners and aims to establish a common European understanding on the H2 tolerance of the existing natural gas grid.

We provide a professional "Technology Watch" and share available information on the H2 tolerance of the gas grid from both running and completed projects. The information is distributed to our network partners on a regular basis in newsletters and during workshops.

Dedicated investigations, tests and research are not covered, but could be initiated by the network.
The NETWORK is considered as a GERG project (GERG is the European Gas Research Group).


The HIPS-NET partners are informed on the latest available knowledge that can be gathered on a royalty-freely basis. This knowledge enables strategic decision making in the context of hydrogen in gas grids but also in the wider field of utilisation.

The network allows partners to maintain contact with other active players and institutions that are interested in establishing a common understanding of H2 limits in the gas grid.

HIPS-NET partners can also contribute with their knowledge and experience and, thereby, influence the common understanding of what is possible concerning hydrogen in the gas grid, which can assist in directing attention on R&D activities necessary to remove bottlenecks. Partners will have the opportunity to investigate open R&D fields if necessary by forming consortia.


We organise an annual expert workshop and issue quarterly newsletter for the partners.


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Gert Müller-Syring
Head of Department Gas Grids/Gas Facilities

  (+49) 341 - 24 57 129
  (+49) 341 - 24 57 136

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Anja Wehling, LL.M., M.Sc.
Project Coordinator
Department Gas Grids/Gas Facilities

  (+49) 341 - 24 57 140
  (+49) 341 - 24 57 136

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External Presentation


EGATEC - European Gas Technology Conference, 25th November 2015, Vienna

  • PtG - Motivation and state of the art
  • H2-tolerance of the gas grid - current state of knowledge
  • Projects recently launched/underway
  • What HIPS-NET contributes to the topic
  • Conclusion
EDGaR Closing Conference

EDGaR Closing Conference, 18th-19th March 2015, Amsterdam

  • Motivation & challenges
  • Challenges meet opportunities
  • Dynamic pressure control
  • H2-tolerance of the natural gas grid
  • Possible effects of green gases and CHP
  • Open issues / conclusion
International Gas Union Research Conference 2014

International Gas Union Research Conference 2014, 17th-19th September 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Motivation
  • H2-tolerance of the gas grid - current state of knowledge
  • Projects recently launched/underway
  • What HIPS-NET contributes to the topic
  • Conclusion
287. PTB-Seminar (in German)

287. PTB-Seminar, „Power to Gas“, 3rd June 2014, Berlin

  • Motivation
  • Nationale Aktivitäten
  • Europäische Aktivitäten
  • Wissenstand zur Wasserstofftoleranz
  • HIPS Projekt und HIPS-NET
  • Weitere Projekte zur Wasserstofftoleranz
14th Global Energy Village

14th Global Energy Village, 23rd-25th April 2014, Copenhagen

  • Motivation
  • H2-Toleranz of the gas grid – Current state of knowledge
  • Projects recently launched/underway
  • What HIPS-NET contributes to the topic
  • Open issues