Odorization & special projects

DBI Micro-Odorieranlage bei Lab Grigen Engie in Paris
DBI micro-odorization system at Lab Grigen Engie in Paris

Fields of activity


  • Odorant conversions, long-term measurements and odorization controls
  • Evaluation, optimization and definition of odorant concentration measuring points
  • Sampling and analysis of various gases and liquids

Research & Development

  • Biomethane, hydrogen and natural gas odorization
  • Micro-odorization – especially for small gas flows (1-200 m³/h)
  • Odorant testing and evaluation of odorants
  • Handling and analytics
  • Stability
  • Smellability
  • Gas treatment / deodorization

Industrial research / contract development

  • Development and prototyping of components to increase efficiency in gas supply – focus on odorization, gas quality and gas properties

Design and construction of micro-odorization systems

Gas purification / deodorization

  • Research, selection, testing and evaluation of adsorbents
  • Feasibility studies, literature research and cost comparison analyses
  • Conceptual design, construction supervision and monitoring of gas treatment plants


  • Monitoring and metrological support for odorant conversions
  • Sampling and measurement of the odorant concentration in the grid
  • Assessment of the odorisation measurement points
  • Development, design and construction of micro-odorization systems, especially for pilot and test gas grids
  • Simulation of gas treatment processes
  • Expert opinions in the context of feed-in requests (feed-back of gas and deodorization)
  • Concept studies and cost comparison analyses of gas treatment processes (fine gas purification, deodorization, etc.)
Deodorierungsanlage Gasodor S-Free
Gasodor S-Free deodorizing system

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Team leader

Raymond Mothes

(+49) 341 – 24 57 162
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