Deep geothermal energy

The success of geothermal projects relies on correct identification and evaluation of site conditions and their optimal development. Our focus is on mitigating risks through comprehensive analyses of the geological reservoir, its 3D modelling, and reservoir simulation for diverse operational scenarios. Our development technology design aims  to optimize  usage requirements and maximize geothermal potential.

With decades of interdisciplinary experience in the development and operational optimization of geo-energy projects and the close integartion of applied research and engineering services, the DBI Group serves as a competent and reliable partner for the development and utilization of hydrothermal geothermal reservoirs.

Our service portfolio – From initialization to utilization

Deep hydrothermal geothermal energy
  • Reservoir characterization, integrity, and risk assessment
  • Layout and design of geothermal probes and hydrothermal doublet
  • Thermodynamic, fluid dynamic, and geomechanical simulation in both solid and unconsolidated rock formations
  • Process optimization through creating geological heat exchanger surfaces
  • Modeling heat generation and cooling of the rock over the operatinal period
  • Potential studies, suitability assessments, development, and operatinal concepts
  • Economic feasibility assessment including development and consumer connection


Design and adaptation of well and completion design:

  • Deep geothermal wells and hydrothermal doublets
  • Petrothermal systems incl. hydraulic fracturing
  • Design of heat pumps
  • Modeling petro- and hydrothermal energy production
  • 3D reservoir simulation of hydrothermal energy generation: heat content, transport, conduction, and flow simulation in porous rocks and fractures
Thermohydraulic model

Through reservoir characterization and numerical simulation,the optimal design for exploration and production of geothermal energy is developed for diverse site locations and geologial conditions. The long-term hot water production, the temperature and pressure changes in the circulating water (production and injection wells), and the resulting energy output are calculated.


  • Geothermal potential, consumer structure, development programs
  • Optimal well design and fracturing technology
  • Temperature and pressure losses and their influence on the heat recovery process
  • Calculation of the long-term heat recovery from the circulating water depending on the operating period
  • Temperature and pressure changes in circulating water in the vertical to horizontal production and injection wells
  • Location-specific economic analysis and life cycle calculation

The entire geothermal energy generation process can be planned, optimized, and monitored through the developed methodology. It can be used flexibly and customized on a site-specific basis.

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