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Hydrogen underground storage

As the integration of renewable energies into our energy supply continues to grow, the need for storing wind and solar energy becomes increasingly essential. Underground gas storage (UGS) is set to be instrumental in meeting this demand. We offer our support in repurposing (converting) your underground storage facility for hydrogen storage and devising a forward-looking strategy for the future.

Underground storage

Services for converting natural gas-UGS to hydrogen (UHS)

  • Evaluation of hydrogen storage capacities for pore- and cavern-UGS
  • Assessment of the current state and hydrogen tolerances of UGS for underground (downhole) and surface facilities
  • Material evaluations and analysis of  operational parameter variations
  • Conversion concept: measures, timeline, and cost plan
  • Economic feasibility studies

System integration

Design and adaptation of the wellbore and completion design:

With our solutions, we pursue an integrative approach that  considers not only the UGS itself but also its integration into the entire energy infrastructure. This allows for addressing questions along the entire value chain of energy supply.

  • Integration of UGS into the gas supply system at the transportation and distribution network level
  • Analysis of storage requirements for various media
  • Analysis of the required UGS infrastructure and planning for its development
  • Optimization of UGS in coordination with grids, producers, and consumers as well as the need for gas treatment
Integrative approach: consideration of the entire value chain – the gaseous energy supply

Further training

We offer training courses on various aspects of underground hydrogen storage for different target groups such as management, engineers, technicians, and beginners. Training programs and materials can be tailored to individual needs and inquiries.

Der gesamte Prozess der geothermalen Energieerzeugung kann durch die entwickelte Methodik geplant, optimiert und überwacht werden. Er ist flexibel und standortspezifisch einsetzbar.

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