Gas Utilization

The department gas utilization deals with all aspects of energy and heat supply for customers, from gas installation to the many different applications in households, trade and industry. We have decades of experience in dealing with various energy sources. From basic research into the fuel flexibility of a wide range of firing systems in our own technical centre to the optimization of energy-intensive processes for end customers, we are your competent partner for all aspects of gas applications.

Fields of activity

Our services

We are a competent partner for engineering and industry-related research and development in the fields of industrial and domestic gas applications, innovative energy technologies, increasing energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies.

Engineering & Consulting

  • Evaluation and cataloging of energy-intensive industries and their processes with regard to hydrogen compatibility
  • Testing your heating systems in our technical center, e.g. under defined fixed/high volatile hydrogen proportions in the fuel gas
  • Investigation of the H2 compatibility of selected processes
  • Evaluation and development of concepts for alternative energy supply for industry and neighborhoods
  • Investigation of the hydrogen suitability of existing appliances on site or in our own technical center
  • Plant investigation and optimization with regard to
    • Product quality & product throughput
    • System condition assessment & maintenance planning
    • Energy efficiency & emission reduction
    • Combustion pulsations and system vibrations
  • Support in obtaining the “H2ready” seal of approval“

Research & Development


  • Completed studies on piping systems and fittings in accordance with DIN EN 746 / ISO 13577
  • Development and testing of industrial combustion systems for fuel flexibility
  • Development of concepts for industrial combustion control of combustion processes with variable gas composition (e.g. high volatile hydrogen content)

Domestic & commercial

  • Completed studies on gas installation within the scope of DVGW G 600 (TRGI) / gas installation
  • Testing of gas appliances in domestic and commercial applications with high volatile hydrogen content in the fuel gas
  • Testing of the behavior and calibration validity of gas meters when hydrogen is added to natural gas
  • Development of flame monitoring systems for different hydrogen contents in natural gas

The right equipment for the right solution.

  • Burner test stand (up to 1 MW, max. 1,250 °C)
  • Gas mixing unit (natural gas, hydrogen, nitrogen, propane, etc.)
  • Professional flue gas measuring systems
  • Gas chromatographs (FID, FPD, WLD or MS)
  • OPTISOS® 2.0 optical measuring system
  • Acoustic measuring system (2 Hz to 1,000 Hz)

Your contact to us

Head of department

Marcus Wiersig

(+49) 3731 – 41 95 332
(+49) 3731 – 41 95 309

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