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For many years, we have been offering a practice-oriented training program for energy suppliers, civil engineering companies and emergency services on the safe handling of flammable gases. Our training courses are the basis for successful safety management in the energy sector and provide invaluable experience. After all, only those who quickly grasp basic correlations and have a sound knowledge of safety technology can master hazardous situations with confidence.

At our excavator damage demonstration facility, for example, we train in emergency situations involving gas leaks and how to extinguish gas fires. In cooperation with the DVGW e.V. and the gas industry, we have developed tailor-made training programs in recent years and can therefore offer training courses specially tailored to employees of energy supply companies and plant constructors in addition to the DVGW seminars. The aim is to continue to make an important contribution to safety in gas supply in the future.

Trainings & Seminars

Safety, efficiency and sustainability – with our practice-oriented training courses and seminars on handling flammable gases, we want to make an important contribution to the gas industry. That is why we have worked closely with companies, associations and other institutions in the German gas industry to develop courses that cover the entire spectrum of gas-related topics and energy efficiency improvements. A key feature is the general conception as a practical seminar.

This enables us to instruct employees from the construction industry and the public energy sector, members of the authorities, emergency services, plant operators and manufacturers, prospective civil engineers and other interested persons on the content addressed and, above all, provide them with practical training.


In addition to basic training, we demonstrate possible hazardous situations in safety training and train participants in practical firefighting – on Germany’s first hydrogen-powered excavator damage demonstration system (BSDA).

The anti-accident training starts with typical damage that has already occurred, with the aim of sensitizing participants to working on and with gas. Train the correct behavior in an emergency under realistic conditions.

In the practical seminar, we improve the level of knowledge about technical correlations and preventive safety measures. In addition, we impart the necessary knowledge to act correctly in the event of damage.

DVGW training courses

We carry out further training events in the gas sector
on behalf of the DVGW e.V. vocational training organization.

Training with & for BG ETEM

In consultation and coordination with the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association for Energy, Textiles, Electrical and Media Products (BG ETEM), we conduct seminars on topics such as BGR 500 (DGUV Rule 100-500) Chapter 2.31
“Working on gas pipes”.

Safety during construction work in the area of
Supply systems GW129 / S129

The training content is based on DVGW Code of Practice GW 129 “Safety during construction work in the vicinity of supply lines – Training plan for contractors, supervisors and planners”.

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Freiberg can look back on a long gas tradition. As early as 1815, fuel gas was used industrially for lighting purposes in the nearby Halsbrücke amalgamation plant. For decades, the German Fuel Institute was known as a national and international gas development center.

Based on the holistic safety concept for gas supply, the Freiberg DVGW Natural Gas Training Center was established in 1993 at the suggestion and with the financial support of DVGW e.V. with the construction of the excavator damage demonstration facility. The training facility, which was built using many years of gas expertise, is open to a wide range of interest groups for further training.

The range of topics includes safety-related work in the area of gas pipelines through to gas installation as well as a number of special gas-related topics. The program is coordinated on behalf of the DVGW e.V. vocational training department.

Practical exercises under the most realistic conditions possible form the focus of the training courses. We therefore recommend that you register in good time. In December 2018, the Freiberg DVGW Natural Gas Training Center with the excavator damage demonstration facility (BSDA) celebrated its 25th anniversary at the Freiberg site. During this time, more than 20,000 people have taken part in gas-related training courses and specialist events.

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