Liquid phase seperation & Power-to-X

Fields of activity

  • Membrane applications for liquid treatment and separation, primarily dewatering
  • Membrane screening and process scale-up; testing on various sizes of test benches up to pilot plant scale
  • Membrane reactor, combining catalysis and membrane separation processes to shift the chemical equilibrium in power-to-x processes
  • CO2 separation and purification (for CCU/S)
  • Scaling up the evaluated processes from laboratory to pilot plant scale
  • Handling of industrial contracts related to energy and emission savings through separation processes


  • Processing of process engineering and chemical queries from a team of engineers and chemists
  • Using membrane technology to solve separation tasks:
  • Identification of appropriate membranes for specific industrial applications (example: project ProMem)
  • Transfer of known membrane treatment processes to other processes for energy and emission reduction
  • CO2 capture from industrial processes

Your contact to us

Team leader

Dr. Denis Worch

(+49) 341 – 24 57 173
(+49) 341 – 24 57 136

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