Gas processing technology

How can we transfer innovative technologies into the fields of hydrogen production and synthesis (with a focus on PtX: methanol, DME, SAF, …)? This issue is the main focus of the Department of Gas Process Engineering, from laboratory research to real-world application. Our work encompasses feasibility studies, experimental investigations, and process developments, as well as engineering for the implementation of process plants on a container scale.

Furthermore, we conduct detailed R&D within industrial and corresponding publicly funded projects that address specific specialist topics within our expertise. This includes studies on reaction engineering and catalyst screenings, along with associated analytics, technology and process evaluations based on cost estimation methods, and both basic and detailed engineering (including circuit design, automation, and process safety). We have access to appropriate software, laboratories, analytics, and a fully-equipped workshop to fulfill our tasks, allowing us to manufacture smaller plants or prototypes.

Fields of activity


Katalysatorteststand, Hochdruckreaktor, Reaktor (Bild: Roland Horn)

Engineering & Consulting

  • Concept and feasibility studies on the use of hydrogen, biogas and CO2
  • Process analysis and simulation of process engineering processes
  • Simulation of process engineering equipment (reactors, mixers, heat exchangers, etc.)
  • Preliminary planning/concept development
  • Basic and detailed engineering of process plants
  • Safety analysis and risk assessment
  • Approval procedure
  • documentation

Labor Scientific Support / Consulting

  • Carrying out catalyst tests on systems on a laboratory or semi-industrial scale
  • Catalyst screening and kinetic investigations
  • Conducting experiments to test reactors, systems, assemblies or prototypes
  • Simulation of catalytic reactions 
  • Scientific and metrological monitoring of experiments or plants Scientific support / consulting on catalytic reactions and reactor design

Plant engineering

  • Development and construction of laboratory and demonstration systems and prototypes
  • Planning and construction of control cabinets
  • Automation of systems
  • Commissioning and process optimization of systems

Research & Development

Hydrogen production/utilization

Gas treatment

Power-to-X processes / production of chemical raw materials

The right equipment for the right solution.

Test stands

  • Isothermal, adiabatic or polytropic reaction control
  • Catalyst in powder or in technical form such as pellets or honeycombs
  • Temperatures up to 900 °C
  • Process pressures up to 100 bar
  • A wide variety of media possible
    (e.g. CxHy, CO, CO2, H2, steam, N2, O2, sulphurous gases)
  • Reactors for high-pressure syntheses
    (pmax from 65 bar, Tmax up to 500°C, 10 ml to 5 l)
  • Reactors / burners for high-temperature processes
    (pmax from 10 bar, Tmax up to 950 °C, up to 0.5 l)


  • ND-IR, FT-IR – mobile online analysis (IR-active components e.g. steam, CO, CO2, H2, N2, hydrocarbons, NOx. formaldehyde)
  • Chemical/optical sensors, mobile online analysis
    (CO, CO2, methane, N2, H2)
  • FID, mobile online analysis (hydrocarbons)
  • GC systems (FID, WLD, FPD, MS) for hydrocarbons, sulphur compounds, permanent gas, etc.
  • H2 analyzer, mobile online analysis for hydrogen purity
  • Exhaust gas measuring kit, mobile online analysis


  • Comsol Multiphysics ® (simulation of individual components e.g. reactors, heat exchangers)
  • ChemCad (process simulation)
  • E-Plan (circuit diagrams, process flow diagrams (R&ID))
  • SolidWorks (3D design)
  • WinCC Unified, Siemens (automation/PLC programming)
  • B&R (automation/PLC programming)
  • LabView (automation/PLC programming)


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