The departments of the DBI Group

The DBI group serves the entire gas supply value chain, from extraction to storage, network transportation and the efficient, environmentally friendly use of renewable energy sources. DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik GmbH combines both the development of new technologies for the use of renewable gaseous energy sources and the introduction of innovative technologies into practice. The subsidiary, DBI – Gastechnologisches Institut gGmbH Freiberg, conducts research into fundamental issues.


Gas production & gas storage

In the department of gas production and storage, we research and develop economically, ecologically and technically feasible solutions for the production and storage of various energy sources, including natural gas and hydrogen. The aim is to develop technologies for the cost-effective balancing of gas demand fluctuations, to strengthen the environmentally friendly use of wind and solar power through hydrogen underground storage and to enable the climate-neutral use of fossil fuels by means of carbon dioxide underground storage.

Gas grids & gas facilities

The department Gas Grids and Gas Facilities deals with the safe and efficient transportation and distribution of gases such as natural gas, biogas, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. We use new findings and our many years of experience in the planning and modeling of gas networks and gas plants for site selection and evaluation as well as for the engineering of innovative technologies, e.g. for power-to-gas plants or smart systems in gas supply. In addition, topics such as the transformation of gas grids for a renewable energy system and the design of a suitable legal framework are being addressed.


Gas utilization

We are a competent partner for engineering and industry-related research and development in the fields of industrial and domestic gas applications, innovative energy technologies, increasing energy efficiency in gas applications and the use of renewable energies. The company specializes in engineering and services as well as industry-related research and development.

Gas process technologies

Our field of work covers the complete process development of chemical processes, starting with the process engineering balancing and testing of catalysts, including the determination of catalyst-specific reaction kinetics, through to service life tests, ageing tests and other reaction engineering investigations. The data obtained can be used to generate complex mathematical models that can be used to design reactors or optimize operating regimes. We also apply our expertise in the field of mathematical models to application-oriented simulations of thermal process plants, heat exchangers and gas treatment plants.


Gas chemistry & Gas treatment

The challenge facing the gas industry is to reconcile the increasing quality requirements of end customers with changing gas qualities. The DBI Group accompanies this process analytically from the source to the end customer. As an accredited gas chemistry laboratory, we act as an intermediary between basic research and industry, providing support and assistance in the transfer of new developments to the gas supply.

Energy supply systems

The energy supply has changed significantly over the last 100 years. There is a clearly recognizable trend: Energy generation and use will become more sustainable and efficient. The energy supply of the future will have to face various technological, ecological and social issues and challenges. Not only the question of the most cost-effective energy source or CO2 emissions, but also the entire value chain as well as loyalty and acceptance by the end user (customer) are of great importance.


DVGW Test laboratory energy

Before a product can be used, it must be put through its paces. Gas appliances, fireplaces, fittings and similar systems in particular are subject to strict requirements that ensure a long and safe product life cycle. As an internationally recognized testing laboratory, we have extensive expertise to carry out type tests in various areas in accordance with applicable national and international standards. Using state-of-the-art measurement technology and testing equipment, we carry out type tests on typical domestic appliances for our customers.

Technical services & developments

The Technical Services and Development (TDE) department builds a bridge between research & development topics and testing expertise in the gas sector.

We support you with testing tasks and test methods to meet your requirements. Our goal is to fulfill customer requirements and we are happy to develop new test benches and test series together. Within the specialist area, existing test methods are developed further or new methods are established. We support you during production with technical support and know-how and see ourselves as your reliable partner in solving and implementing your problems and tasks. Comprehensive, fast and above all individual support is guaranteed.


Training Center Gas

The DBI Group has been offering a training program for energy suppliers, civil engineering companies and emergency services for many years. Our training courses are the basis for successful safety management in the energy sector and provide invaluable experience. After all, only those who quickly grasp basic interrelationships and have in-depth knowledge of safety technology can master dangerous situations with confidence. In cooperation with the DVGW and the gas industry, tailor-made training programs have been developed in recent years. In addition to the DVGW seminars, special training courses are offered that are specifically tailored to employees of energy supply companies and plant constructors.