DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik

DVGW - Training Center Gas

For many years now, the DBI Group has been offering a training programme for energy suppliers, civil engineering companies and rescue services. Our training courses are the basis for successful safety management in the energy industry and provide invaluable experience. Because only those who quickly grasp basic interrelationships and have in-depth knowledge of safety technology can routinely master dangerous situations. In cooperation with the DVGW and the gas industry, tailor-made training programmes have been developed in recent years. In addition to the DVGW seminars, special training courses are offered that are specifically tailored to employees of energy supply companies and plant engineering companies. For example, emergency situations involving gas leaks and the extinguishing of gas fires are trained at the dredging damage demonstration facility. The aim is to continue to make an important contribution to safety in gas supply in the future.